Originally situated in Wapping High Street, the Turk's Head was infamous for being the inn where condemned pirates were given their last quart of ale on their journey from Newgate Prison to Execution Dock.

A pub has been here since at least 1896. Between 1803 and 1956 the waters of Wapping Basin lapped up against Tench Street. Now filled in, the former basin  is the site of the John Orwell Sports Centre.

During WW2 the Turk's was run by the formidable Mog Murphy, who kept it open all hours for the local community to receive news of their loved ones. A plaque on the side of the building commemorates this.

The pub remained open until the 1950's, when it became a storage depot for the Parks Department before a fire reduced it to a shell.

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In the 1980's a group of local women, led by Maureen Davies, campaigned to save the building. Known as 'The Wild Women of Wapping' they not only raised funds to restore the building but also ensured that it would remain a benefit to the community. Today, the income from the lease supports charitable causes in Wapping.

The Turk's sits on the corner of Green Street and Tench Street, which was  previously called Bird Street, and a plaque on the building commemorates the erection of a building on this site in 1706. A smaller plaque below commemorates further rebuilding in 1776 and 1927.

La Tète De Turc or The Turks Head is a French - Anglais Bistro. We serve French and English Food. Et Voilà!